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Family Law Client Testimonials

I am writing this letter in support of Michael Todd Davis. Todd represented me over a 2 year period during a very contentious custody dispute. Before I connected with Todd, my previous attorney was not a trial attorney and she referred me to Todd Davis upon finding my case was going to become a complex trial. She told me Todd was talented and personable. I was not disappointed.

I would use the words ethical, persistent, thorough, and talented to describe Todd. Regardless of the adversarial nature of the custody dispute, Todd consistently was ethical and argued with reason. I respect him tremendously for this.

He was very successful at establishing working relationships with opposing attorneys, judges, GAL’s, witnesses, and even my ex-wife. I believe this is an attribute that separates him from other attorney’s and gave his voice more credibility.
Todd’s level of questioning during trial was superior. His level of preparation for questioning expert witnesses both for and against me could not be matched. He was determined to leave no stone unturned.

Today I have full custody of my 4 year old daughter. I remarried recently, and Todd attended my wedding. I recommend Todd highly as a trial attorney. I believe he will serve you with passion, preparedness, and reason.

William A. Weis

I was referred to Michael Todd Davis through a domestic violence advocate.  I was in a very frightened and weakened state of mind when we met.  I can honestly say that I completely put all my trust in Todd’s abilities to succeed in my case.  I’m forever grateful for Todd’s diligence in fighting for each of my needs, personally, and for my children’s needs through my divorce.  I had several twists and turns to my case which made it very challenging.  Through my lengthy case, Todd defended on issues involving my husband’s domestic violence, substance abuse, protective orders, custody and adoption, and my relocation with my children to another state. 

Todd put great care into my case.  He has exceptional intellect, and an ability to stay focused.  Todd was always factual, and knowledgeable about the law and what a judge would or would not accept.  I appreciated Todd’s ability to be forthright and candid with me.  He knew what was worth fighting for and what was not.  He never made promises about the way a Judge would rule.   Rather, he presented possible outcomes and the potential course of action that could follow. 

Even more important, though, Todd was very compassionate, and as his client I never felt like I was just another case.  Todd cared about me as a person, and he listened to my concerns and opinions.  Time after time he helped me separate what was an immediate need versus an emotional hurt, pain, loss, or the re-activeness that divorce brings.  Todd also was very sensitive to the financial strain of my divorce, given my dire financial condition, and I never felt that he put his own financial gain above my needs or the needs of my family.

During this exceptionally painful time, Todd’s care and concern for me  was extraordinary.  As just one example, on perhaps the worst day of my life, when I had to testify in the criminal domestic violence case brought by the state against my former spouse, Todd was in the courtroom audience, on his own time, for moral support for me, even though he had no professional involvement in that case.

When we appeared in court together, it became obvious to me that Todd was well regarded and respected among his peers.  While addressing the court and other attorneys, he was always poised, polite, and very professional.  He argued on my behalf with both a great sense of charisma and with sensitivity and caring.  It is remarkable.

Without Todd’s expertise, I would not be where I am today.  I have relocated to another state.  My life and my children’s lives have been restored.  

I am so grateful for Todd and his hard work on my family’s behalf.   I look back on those painful times and give thanks for his professional abilities, and for his wisdom, advice and guidance.  I highly recommend Todd to anyone in need of an attorney.

Sharon E. Dardis

Testimonial for Michael Todd Davis
By: Bernadette Stanek

I hold Todd Davis in the highest regard professionally and personally for his strong ethical character, endless determination, and honesty. By every measure, Todd is the most steadfastly dedicated attorney with the experience and background to give clients the confidence and peace of mind they need during particularly difficult periods in their lives.

I had a complicated custody case and had previously worked with dispassionate attorneys which each resulted in a less than satisfactory outcome. I contacted Todd at a particularly vulnerable time, and I was apprehensive an attorney would work to understand the salience and pervasiveness of the domestic violence history fundamental to this case. Prior to accepting my case, Todd interviewed me and spent several hours reviewing a large box of papers. It was immediately evident that he saw significant issues in my case others had not taken time to examine.

Todd communicated pragmatically and candidly about possible outcomes, projected costs, and his opinion.

My case necessitated going to trial.  Todd’s attention to detail and fastidious preparation prior to court was noteworthy, but equally impressive was the integrity and professional demeanor he demonstrated in the courtroom.  His astute examination of expert witnesses and cross-examinations illuminated pertinent truths and refuted false testimony.

While the outcome was positive, Todd continued to persist after the trial. A domestic violence evaluation was ordered by the judge at trial which later came back extremely flawed. Todd directly contested this evaluation, sent testimonial evidence to the evaluator (who immediately overturned his conclusion), and as a result the judge ordered the abuser attend an extended period of domestic violence treatment.

In the two years since trial, Todd has checked in periodically to see how we are doing. I simply cannot make a stronger recommendation for Todd Davis for these reasons and many more.

I was referred to Michael Todd Davis from a lawyer who no longer does litigation. I had talked to at least three other attorneys before Todd, trying to modify a parenting plan. Given the father’s mental health issues, his visitation schedule and his ability to participate in joint decision making were no longer workable for my children, and they were suffering emotionally as a result.   It wasn’t until I met Todd that I found an attorney who understood the merits and importance of my case and who supported my efforts to help my children.  

From the very first meeting I appreciated Todd’s up front and to the point attitude. He was very honest that he could not predict the outcome, but that he believed in my case and would do whatever he could to help me.

Todd was very supportive throughout the process, including successfully challenging in court recommendations by the parenting evaluator who never understood my children’s situation. 

Thereafter, and through Todd’s professionalism and diligence, we were able to achieve by settlement a permanent modification of the parenting plan that met all my children’s needs.

I highly recommend Todd to anyone for his legal knowledge and sensitivity.  My only regret is that I did not find him earlier, as Todd has tremendously improved my children’s lives.  We finally feel that someone cared and listened to us.

Randi Gray

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